Welcome to North Somerset First Independents

North Somerset First Independents are a new Independent political group of like minded and local people. We are a proactive group and hold regular monthly meetings where we discuss local issues and how, as a group we can resolve them. 
As an Independent group we are not governed by party politics and have the freedom to think and speak freely to champion our district. We can stand up and speak on behalf of and for the local people in our wards and demand answers when they are not forthcoming. We want to create an alliance of talented people who don't believe that any one party is always right and who are prepared to speak out, argue actively and reach agreement on local policies which match the aspirations of North Somerset people and prioritise local needs. 
We reject the assumption that local politics and decision making should slavishly follow the national model of parties fighting it out for power. Local politics is different because the needs and priorities of ordinary people should be the dominant feature of local government. The imagination and talents of local Councillors are undermined by the need to toe the party line. We expect policies and priorities to be argued out locally rather than be handed down from national parties.
The priorities of North Somerset First Independents reflect those of the people. The decisions that we make at local level need to make common sense and benefit the local people. For us, the needs of North Somerset people of every age, creed, ethnic group, class and culture must come first.

Sowing the seeds of change to renew your trust in local politics. 

If you have any local issues and would like our help or advice please contact a member of the North Somerset First Independents team via our Contact Us page and we will endeavour to assist you wherever possible.
If you are not already a friend of our group, we would like to take this opportunity to invite you to register your support for free on our Support Us page.