1st May 2015

Hate mail received by North Somerset First Independents from a rachel.wright444@gmail.com.

Hate mail has been received from the above email address. We are aware this may be a false email address. To date, the email address holder has failed to identify themselves. This has now been reported to Avon and Somerset Police as a hate crime for investigation. Crime reference number: 1944152015. 
You may have received copies of this hate mail and we would invite you to contact us directly on 01934 822374 if you wish to discuss or query any of the contents of the emails.  
Our email below brings you up to date with proceedings.
You are a absolute liar, you state that I have given you email addresses for you to use whilst sending hate emails, this is an absolute lie. Until yesterday I had no knowledge of you.
You state that you have facts, there are no facts contained in any statement you have made, we are collectively reporting this to the police as a hate crime. You may like to hide behind an email address, however we will find out who you really are.
We will post this on Facebook, other social media sites and our website and we invite anybody to contact us to avail themselves of the true facts behind your spurious allegations.
You are at liberty to arrange a face meeting with any of North Somerset First Independent Candidates which may benefit you in understanding the real facts behind your writings.
Rachael, or whom so ever you really are: the choice is yours.
I will naturally be copying this to all email addressees who have contacted us and regarding their receipt of your hate mail information so they can understand that I have not breached any data protection by giving out any email addresses to you.
Teresa Ridley
Campaign Manager
North Somerset First Independents 

24th March 2015
Dear Mercury, please find below my letter of concern which is self explanatory, this should be shared with the public.

Dear Michael Jackson (Chief Executive Officer) and Nigel Ashton (Leader of the Council).


Please answer me these 4 questions:

Why has the deputy leader (Cllr Ap-Rees) been allowed, like a loose cannon, to mislead the public with his recent statement (which I understand from North Somerset Councils media department was not endorsed by them) concerning a new pool for Hutton Moor which he states will be up and running next year, when;
a)   There has been no report commissioned on this issue as confirmed by David Turner (Director of Development and Environment)
b)   There are no funds for such a project and no business plan.
c)    For the past 3 years this Councillor has been repeatedly on record as stating that public swimming pools are not viable and are a drain on the local authority budgets. He has also actively deterred a community group taking over the Tropicana site which will ultimately be self funding and a superb ‘Destination Attraction’ for this area.
 Why has there been no defence, response or briefing from either of you, either internally or externally, following the recent radio broadcast; www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4qzS2DE71Q identifying corruption and fraudulent action within this local authority.
Why has no action been taken against Cllr Ap-Rees and the Helicopter Museum since 2013 over planning breaches concerning activities at the Museum: 
2013/0545 19/11/2013 Karen Bartlett - Helicopter Museum, Locking Moor Road, Weston-super-Mare. Unauthorised advertisements and flight activity taking place which are not incidental to the museums authorised activities.
Why are you allowing the breaches to continue, which include the illegal use of a flight path which is also devaluing valuable council owned land which could be used for housing and employment.
Historically I note that when I ask questions invariable either it takes an age to respond or in the case of Cllr Ashton I never get a reply, so shall we say I look forward to  an explanation from you both independently by Friday this week.


Cllr Derek Mead 

9th March 2015
The Trop Trust - Registered Charity
The Future of The Tropicana - Update 2015.
Statement from the Trustees;
By way of an information update we felt that it would be advisable to outline our current position with North Somerset Council’s Executive and Senior Management in our bid to deliver a new leisure facility on The Tropicana site.  To that end we outline below a brief history and current position of The Trop Trust;
Trustees; Terry Gilbert, Rose Cunningham, Gail Parsons, Derek Mead
We thank 
North Somerset First Independents for supporting us with our work and thank you the public for taking the time to read this. Please note that you can register your support for the refurbishment of the Tropicana by calling in for a few minutes and talking with any member of staff. Officially registering your support will assist with our applications for ongoing funding to deliver this back to the Town and North Somerset in general. Thank you.
Some History: After a 3 year campaign managed by us, our enabling team and our supporters, we successfully obtained a planning permission for our scheme and stopped North Somerset Councils Executives and Conservative administration in their application to demolish The Tropicana.  We then applied to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, under ‘The Right To Contest’ for consideration that the site be transferred to us in mid 2014 on the basis that the Council’s Executive members , senior management and  Conservative administration had no further use or intention to use the building as they had;
. Closed, and kept the building closed, for pool use ten years ago.
Failed to maintain the site which left the building open to the elements causing structural damage. 
. Failed to repair access areas allowing birds to contaminate the building costing the rate payer £9,280 to clear the contamination away.
. Agreed previously to sell the Site to a developer for £1 in order to establish their opinion of the lack of value and lack of community worth of the building.
. Closed the remaining shops at the Site in 2012 in preparation for their demolition application.
. Unlawfully used the Site for the storage of waste and damaged the structure of the building in so doing creating a cost to the ratepayers for the removal of the rubbish in the order of £55,000. 
. Made two applications to demolish the site.
The Trop Trust felt that North Somerset Council were inconsistent in their approach to our proposed scheme (www.tropicanawestonsupermare.co.uk) therefore we sought the assistance of the Secretary of State, making him aware of the campaign to refurbish the site by us, as a community group, supported by local businesses and associations and many thousands of visitors and residents in the North Somerset Area.
Subsequent to our application under ‘The Right to Contest’ North Somerset Council have now bought the site back into minimal use and have ‘lightly refurbished’ areas within the building. It has now been confirmed publicly by Cllr Lake that North Somerset Council have no intention of bringing the rear area (the pool area)of the site back into use. With this information now in the public domain we will consider further applications for ‘The Right to Contest’ as previously pursued.
Following our success in stopping the demolition of this Iconic Building we are in the next phase of our campaign that is attracting grant funding to the project. We recently appointed Jess Steel (from Jericho Road Solutions) as an Advocate to the trust and she has been assisting and advising us on our grant funding applications (Jess was part of the team that attracted £15million to the refurbishment of Hastings Pier).We arranged for Jess to meet with North Somerset Council and she advised Councillors, Senior Management and Officers that to move this project forward they must be working with The Trop Trust in an ‘active partnership’ and need to create a ‘legal agreement’ for both parties for the purpose of attracting the required grant funding for the refurbishment of the site. If it can be done in Hastings, with the will of the people here, it can be done in Weston super Mare. 
Cllr Derek Mead (Chairman of the Trop Trust Enabling Team and Trustee of The Trop Trust) has also formally requested a meeting with North Somerset Council’s funding team to iron out the criteria stumbling block that raises its head when ownership/leasehold arrangements have not been properly formalised. That meeting has yet to be offered to us.
Despite a 3 year campaign and several requests to North Somerset Council, The Trop Trust has not yet had the benefit of being invited to start this ‘active partnership’ and to formalise a ‘legal agreement’ in line with grant funder’s requirements. This is still a stumbling block to attracting funding to this project as, assets to be developed using funding, must be owned or leased by the grant applicant (or in the case of partnership projects an appropriate legal agreement put in place to properly pass on any terms and conditions for capital grants). North Somerset Councils Executive and Senior Officers are fully aware of this and have recently applied this to the transfer of the Winter Gardens for £1.00. We continue to pursue opportunities to meet up and discuss these issues further.
We continue to raise funds for the project from local businesses, associations, residents and visitors to the town and any donations big or small are very much appreciated.
Donations can be arranged with the staff here or via our website www.tropicanawestonsupermare.co.uk
If you have any questions or queries or interest in becoming a Trustee, or supporter, please call us on
01934 822374 or e-mail saveourtropicana@hotmail.co.uk