Our Pledge to You...

As your only local Independent group, North Somerset First Independents believes our policies and aim's should put local issues, people and the communities we are standing for first.

Mission Statement 

North Somerset First Independents is your only local Independent party. Our mission is to make North Somerset vibrant with new business opportunities, offer excellent education facilities raise employment growth prospects and allow our communities the opportunity to enhance the infrastructure, viability and visibility of their community, increasing its attractiveness as a place to call home, work or visit.

Our pledge to you...

  • We will work with you, for you. We feel that local decisions should be made by local people at local level for the best interest for our communities, towns and villages.
  • We aim to deliver on local issues and work for your local community.
  • We will stand up and be the voice for you, the local people, making the right decisions for you, on behalf of you.
  • Your views and opinions are important to us; we want to give you the opportunity of consultation and democracy.

No voice. No choice.   

  • We will build a strong local economy.
  • We want to improve local schools health services. 
  • Our prospective candidates pride themselves on caring for the local communities they live and work in and with our help and support we aim to be efficient, effective, vocal Councillors with a long term plan to deliver change and improvements within North Somerset.
  • Your chosen prospective candidate will fight with passion for the place you live and work in to have a better, brighter future for generations to come.
  • We believe in promoting accountability, transparency and democracy with any decisions and actions being fully, openly and honestly debated.
  • Your community is not only important to you, but to us.

With this in mind: 

  • We will fight for a better government settlement for our District.
  • We will establish a 25 year vision for North Somerset.
  • We will improve the quality of the service providers being used.
  • We will welcome and encourage new business looking to exit from the Bristol area.
  • We will set up an Independent policy forum.
  • We will reduce the number of Special Responsibility Allowances.
  • We will look at changing the access hours available to council services and help lines to suit your needs and requirements.
  • We will address the need for housing sites before numbers are foisted upon us.
  • We will tackle ongoing transport issues.
  • We will develop a proper strategy plan to regenerate Tourism.
  • We will promote and support business and development. 
  • We will be looking to increase potential improvement for areas of deprivation.
  • We will be looking at education programmes on drug use. 

Localism Act 

The Localism Act was introduced in November 2011. The aim of this act is to delegate more decision making powers from central government into the hands of individuals, communities and councils making the right decisions for the local people on local issues.

North Somerset First Independents

Our group consists of like minded proactive local people without any specific political bias who care about their local communities and the people who live and work within them.  We believe in ‘Putting people before politics’

  • We offer an alternative party that delivers on local issues and works for the local community.
  • A party that stands for the local people.
  • We want to lift the burden of bureaucracy when it restricts local action
  • We want to increase transparency and democracy within local government.
  • We will make your local politicians accountable to those they serve.
  • We want to empower you, the local communities and restore your faith in the local administration.

By sowing the seeds of change we can begin to renew your trust within local politics.