What: Review the Council structure and administration with a view to sweeping changes. 
How: Disband the undemocratic and unelected Executive. Revert to a Committee led Council to sort out all Council business.
What: Negotiate a fair deal from Central Government.  

How: Use the most skilled business negotiators within the group along with external agencies, to regularly visit and negotiate with the Government. Identify barriers in the way of local growth and job creation artificially created by the present Council and free ourselves from a ‘one size fits all’ national policy. Negotiate a better deal for allocation, budgets and grants for our area and improve our present budget which is one of the worst per capita allowances in England. Demonstrate value for money to achieve this Government Funding.

What: Deliver value for money from Councillors.

How: Request a review of Councillors allowances with a view to achieving a 20% cost reduction. Ensure that clear information is regularly published of allowances paid, and work done by Councillors.

What: Stop the ‘town by the sea’ mantra for Weston super Mare and resurrect the importance of having ‘Seaside Towns' and coastal communities in the district.

How: Acknowledge, promote and support the resurrection of Weston-super-Mare as a ‘Seaside Town’ and actively promote tourism activities and projects, as the ‘Top Priority’ in the whole of the District. Promote the fact that tourism has a key role in retail development strategies.

What: Deliver the Tropicana and Birnbeck Pier redevelopment visions to the tourist, holiday makers, visitors and residents across the District. Ensure that both become ‘destination attractions’ to support existing tourism offerings in the towns and villages in North Somerset.

How: Recruit local business people to share their expertise and form ‘enabling support teams’ for the groups. Work in active partnership with the support groups spearheading these visions and attracting and securing funding to get them delivered.

What: We need to produce a more realistic and workable budget for the Avon & Somerset Police so they have the resources to produce a Police Force acceptable to the public.

How: In conjunction with Central Government, Bath and North East Somerset (BANES), South Gloucestershire, Bristol and Somerset, request all Town and Parish Councils increase their precepts by 50p per year for the next 4 years for all houses, the proceeds raised to go direct to the Avon & Somerset Police Budget.

What: Re-establish tourism, holiday makers and visitors as the TOP PRIORITY for action within all North Somerset Council departments.

How: Make sure all projects, negotiations, discussions and decisions have an element of Tourism built in and that close liaison with ‘Visit Somerset’ and other tourist agencies is maintained.

What: The problem of ‘fly tipping’ needs to be addressed urgently.

How: The reason ‘fly tipping’ has increased is the charges imposed by the Council at Recycling Centres. There needs to be an urgent review of these costs.  Also Environmental Services need to be more actively involved with monitoring and managing unlicensed vehicles. 

What: Swiftly identify across the District where there is a loss of money to the Council and’ Plug the Gaps’.

How: Review the quality and cost standard reports within the Council and identify improvements in measurable performance outcomes for each service. Be rigorous with negotiating, reviewing and monitoring contracts and costs to the council. Encourage innovation and alternative working practices to lower costs whilst insisting on retaining a quality service within ‘Best Value’ principles.

What: Deliver value for money from Council Staff and contractors.

How: Review, monitor and use human resources wisely by encouraging and developing improved performance outputs that are measurable, achievable, reliable, innovative and most likely to deliver outcomes to improve the service delivery.

What: Deliver accountability and transparency.

How: Publish annual budget savings and individual allowance reductions for each year. Report the findings to the public in simple plain English and be available to discuss them.

What: Be open, accountable, honest and accessible to you all locally. Embrace Localism and the opportunity to devolve power from the Council into communities through Councillors who are informed and experienced in the business world and with community engagement. Encourage ‘active, engaged communities’ empowering residents and community groups to decide their own futures.

How: Improve the quality of transparently accessible information to make sure that residents can make the right choices for their area and have them implemented by the Councillors they chose. Improve the Staff and Councillors ‘customer service and customer satisfaction’ by developing more ways to gain access to both Staff and Councillors. Promote and deliver a daily ‘free phone’ Councillor ‘contact surgery’ and ‘Local Ward Groups’ to look at new policies.

What: Attract, support and promote local businesses and all economic growth and local employment opportunities – get them delivered and keep them alive.

How: Seek out, support, encourage and develop local, national and private investment for all business opportunities that serve the residents, tourist and visitors in the area.

What: Reduce size and cost of bureaucracy.

How: Review all ‘Terms of Reference’, ‘Job Descriptions’, ‘Work Loads’ with a view to amalgamations, cost saving and disposing of unnecessary bureaucracy.

What: In order to encourage tourism we must review Parking Charges.

How: We must review any obstructions that prevent the flow of Tourists, Holiday Makers and Visitors to our seaside Towns. Parking charges should be reduced by 60% and Hospital Parking should be FREE. Traffic Wardens around our towns should be reinstated.