Beverley Langdale

Candidate - Portishead West

#I have old fashioned values and believe in the truth. We are currently lacking transparency and democracy within our council; this needs to be addressed. All elected Councillors should be held accountable to the people who voted for them; there never seems to be any public consultations over decisions being made that affect us all. I want to see this process changed. 

I moved to Portishead in 1992 and have run my own business on the Portishead High Street for 23 years. During this time I have come to feel part of a local community who cares about its town.
North Somerset has so much to offer in regards to tourism, days out and social events; but could be so much more with the right people at the helm. We should be encouraging new visitors and new attractions to our district, which will increase spending back into our local economy. If something is wrong and can be fixed, then fix it, but not at the cost of losing other facilities - there has to be a balance.
I am now semi retired and my aim is to spend time serving my community doing something that will keep me in touch with local issues, working closely with local people and maintaining the opportunity to give something back to benefit the local residents within my area. I have been an active member of the Portishead Chamber of Commerce and Trade which has allowed me to gain in-depth knowledge of local businesses, issues, growth and trends. With both the experience from this committee and running my own business I have decided now is the right time to stand up in this year's local elections to be the voice of the local people as an Independent Councillor. I am hard working and want to succeed in helping others where they feel they may have been let down by the Councillors who are currently in place but appear to be out of touch at grass roots level.
I am a great believer that the younger generation are tomorrows future, lets give them good recreational facilities that will keep them safe off the streets, fantastic education programmes to give them a solid future and affordable housing so when the time is right they can return to their home towns and get a foot on the ladder. Let's make sure that we keep a balance within our communities for the elderly, families and the younger generation.
I feel very strongly about positive forward thinking, like it or not changes need to be made, now is the right time. I want to be part of making these changes, ones that will benefit 'you' and not be the detriment of our futures.