Cyril King

Candidate - Weston super Mare Winterstoke

#I was born in Weston super Mare and spent my childhood in the surrounding village of Sandford on the family farm.  I met my wife at the Teen and Twenties that were held at the Winter Gardens. I moved to Drove Road where my in-laws owned the general stores and post office. We fought and campaigned to the government to stop the closure of this post office when post office closures were first announced.

I moved to the Oldmixon Estate in the late sixties with my family and was one of the first residents to move onto phase two of this estate. We went on to have 3 children, have 9 grandchildren and have 3 great grandchildren who all live locally.

Living and bringing up my family on this estate has made me very aware of the challenges that both young people and families face every day. I continue to love living in this town for many reasons but foremost it’s the people who live here that make it great.

Over the years I have seen some improvements to the town; the seafront along with our amazing new Grand Pier brought back to life after the devastating fire. Sadly though it would appear we have lost many of our iconic gems; Birnbeck pier, the Tropicana, Dolphin Square and the Winter Gardens where I met my wife. How much more of Weston super Mare is going to disappear and be sold off under this current administration without public consultation? Under the right management these places should have remained an asset and viable. There are many other issues I feel strongly about including car parking charges, lack of public facilities and the lack of foresight to regenerate this lost seaside town.

I feel Weston super Mare has been neglected and forgotten; the North Somerset Council offices moved from the Town Hall in Weston super Mare to a new building in Clevedon at a massive cost to the tax payers when we could have used one of our already existing assets.
I have worked in the Industry Sector as an engineer and civil servant working across the UK and overseas for many years and have worked for local companies including SWEB, Westland Helicopters, Alcan, and Clark’s Shoes to name a few. Sadly, they have now disappeared from this town along with many other local jobs that force myself, and many others to travel further afield to find alternative employment. This has a massive impact on our roads; the congestion at Junction 21 being a prime example of this.

I have served as a Weston Town Councillor for the last 8 years and was very proud to be voted in as the Town Mayor for 2011-2012, this was a great honour and an insight into amazing local people and organisations within Weston and the surrounding area especially those involved with voluntary work to raise funds for local people. During my 8 years as a Town Councillor I have served on many committees including planning, allotments, governance and expenditure and Weston In Bloom.

I was very active in a voluntary role being on the board of South Ward Neighbourhood Management for 4 years. This group brought a lot of improvements to South Ward which included community gardens, parks, shops, community wardens, crime prevention, new street lighting along with many other improvements.

I have become very disillusioned with mainstream party politics and ‘toeing’ the party line.  I would like to see more power to the local people and our communities at local level to create good working partnerships within the surrounding areas.

I feel the way forward to do this is to stand as a North Somerset First Independent prospective candidate with a group of like minded people who believe in concentrating on local issues and are not governed by central party politics, but whose policies make common sense and benefit the local people.

I want to see Weston super Mare back on the map. If I can be a part of making positive changes to this town for the younger generation to create great memories like I have, it would be an honour.

Let’s make Weston Super again, as are the people that live and work within it.

Issues I am passionate about:

  • Preserving Weston super Mare assets.
  • Infrastructure of the town.
  • Encouraging new businesses into the town and supporting the ones we already have.
  • Tourism.
  • Living in a safe, clean, pleasant environment.
  • Public consultations on issues that matter to Weston super Mare & surrounding areas.