Geoff Hardman

Candidate - Portishead West

#I am a family man who has lived in Portishead for 11 years now. As a relatively new comer to the area, I have fallen in love with what a beautiful place North Somerset is and has to offer.

However, there are still issues that need to be addressed for the good of the county.
I have made it my business now to attend the Town Council meetings to keep my finger on the pulse of any local issues that are of concern to the local residents within my community. There are many existing Town and District Councillors across North Somerset that have become blinded by power and greed causing them to lose focus on what the constituents actually want.
I want to make a difference ensuring all the decisions made a district level are for the benefit of Portishead and North Somerset. We need to secure the best deals for the benefit of the county where the infrastructure to cope with demands.
We also need to look at how we can generate more new business into Portishead as well as making North Somerset a better tourist destination for those who want to holiday in the area.
I feel North Somerset would benefit immensely from a change of administration, let's bring in some new Councillors who actually care about the area, who don't have their heads buried in the sand, but who have a passion and vision to fight for their community and be the voice of the local people.
I have joined North Somerset First Independents as I believe in putting people before politics and fighting for the good of the local community, together we have the power to implement the changes required to give our future generations a better, brighter future.
I am very supportive of the community and regularly attend many of the local events that we hold here in Portishead such as; the flower show, carnival and the boat race. I have been unofficially linked with the Air Cadets through my daughter; I have been on the Welfare Committee since August 2014. I never take for granted what an honour and privilege it is to be involved with the local community.