Michael Kellaway-Marriott

Candidate - Weston super Mare Mid Worle

#Once again I am in a position to serve as a Councillor in North Somerset, and have chosen to stand as a prospective candidate for North Somerset First Independents in Mid Worle.

I have become disillusioned with the main political parties and I believe that the best way forward in the 2015 local election is through an Independent approach.
The current administration within North Somerset has shown repeatedly little emphasis on consulting with or passing powers on to our localities and communities, which is the true aim of localism.
I recognise the strengths within this group who are committed and focused on true localism and developing power to and empowering our communities.
The North Somerset First Independents groups includes people who have a history of achieving, at a local level, in the community. I have chosen to be part of this and fully support the group's aims.
This is what I want for Mid Worle and North Somerset generally:
Members of the local community should be able to meet with those in North Somerset Council who make decisions on their behalf and have their opinions heard and taken into account.
Local issues of common concern should be identified and worked on in partnership with those who should be resolving them.
The views of those in the most deprived areas and those who are isolated, vulnerable and in need of support should be heard and taken into account.
Members of the local community should be able to build their volunteering skills and increase their sense of achievement.    
Learning or other disabilities should not be a barrier to equality of opportunity in our community and there should be more local jobs and improved access to employment for all.  
Every effort should be made to promote healthy lifestyles. 
The needs of young people should be considered and met. 
The needs of older people should be considered and met. 
More about me:
I was born and educated in the North of England, graduating with Firsts in Technology and Science, thereafter working in electrical power engineering, planning, technical and statistical research, computation and administration. I have worked extensively overseas as a consultant in oilfields, refineries, coalfields, petrochemical complexes and on urban transport systems.
I have also been involved with companies in the areas of law, finance, medicine, food production and estate management.
I am a political animal, having served two terms as a Councillor in Weston super Mare and during the Cold War I provided expert answers to Parliamentary Questions and have also been engaged with Presidential campaign overseas.  
I am committed to community action and I have considerable experience directing and managing political campaigns with success in Pudsey in the North of England, and in Eastbourne, East Sussex.
I have a particular passion to making a change for disadvantaged students by working in education and promoting alternative high-performing options.
Locally, in 2003, I decided to stand as an Independent Councillor but was invited to stand as a Conservative and won my seat in Central Ward being a focused and committed Councillor within my Ward. I was again successful in the 2007 elections and continued as before for both the District and Town Councils. 
Many of the projects previously envisaged were successfully completed, the Grand Pier Pavillion rose again from the ashes, the Weston Wheel arrived and Central Ward is now very different from the way it was. Serving on the Town Council I made my way up to Town Mayor. I also served in my daughters' schools as a governor and recruited and supported over a hundred other volunteers as fellow-governors.
During my time as a Councillor I have worked hard to achieve the present targets for recycling, established green credentials by moving environmental issues forward, worked on health inequalities and championed the Central Children's Centre and Boulevard Health Centre.
Currently I am a member of the Big Worle Partnership, an advocate to North Somerset minority ethnic and faith communities, Secretary/Treasurer of the North Somerset Faith, Community and Cultural Forum and a volunteer Director/ Trustee of a charity that provides support to under-supported members of local communities. I am active in the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) as a writer for the local Pints West magazine and a photographer of local public houses for a national website that attracts visitors to our area. I regularly attend Your North Somerset events and meetings of Churches Together in Weston-super-Mare and District, LOVE Weston, Voluntary Action North Somerset, Advice North Somerset, the Care Forum and the North Somerset Clinical Commissioning Group, amongst other bodies.    
With the experience and skills I have gained, I look forward to working, within this committed group and assisting with 'unlocking' the barriers that are currently hampering progress and change within the District. We, the local residents, are far more important than our present bureaucracy and, after the 2015 local elections, we need to ensure that taxpayers are not funding the present dysfunctional political mess but spending the money on meeting the needs of our local residents and communities.