Rose Warwick

Candidate -  Weston super Mare Bournville

#I was born in Weston super Mare in 1972 and have lived on the South Ward (Oldmixon now the Bournville) all my life. I became a mum as a teenager and went on to have four children and I'm now a proud grandparent of three.

I am well aware of the challenges and difficulties that people on the South Ward face on a daily basis as I, members of my family or my friends have probably faced them at some point in their life. I love living here for many reasons but foremost it is the great community spirit this ward has. 
I really care about the area where I, my family and friends live and have been very active in a voluntary role as Vice Chair, progressing to Chair of the South Ward Neighbourhood Management for 4 years. This role brought a lot of improvements to the area including community gardens (including chocolate garden), parks, shops, community wardens, crime prevention, new street lighting and many other improvements.
I have served as a Weston Town Councillor for the past 8 years and have been a member of many committees including Youth Council, Barcode, Community Services and Planning.
Prior to becoming a Town Councillor I was a carer for my grandmother for approximately 8 years who was paraplegic and my most rewarding main stream job role was as a support worker for young people which I am incredibly passionate about.
I have become very disillusioned with general politics like many other people I know. I now believe that an Independent voice is the way forward and the only way to make positive change. This has led to my decision to stand as a prospective candidate for North Somerset First Independents, a group of like minded local people who are very proactive in standing up for local issues aiming to deliver what is best for the people, our communities, towns and villages, giving you the opportunity of consultation and democracy.
I feel ignited to be standing as a North Somerset First Independents prospective candidate as they believe in concentrating on local issues and are not governed by central party politics, which means I can be more independent to follow my heart and beliefs. I will try my best to find solutions to change the things that the people of Weston super Mare and South Ward care about with the support from North Somerset First Independents.
I think it is time that the people of Weston super Mare are listened to seriously and not ignored. The Tropicana, Winter Gardens, Dolphin Square and Birnbeck Pier are iconic landmarks we all care about as communities but it appears our opinions are not taken into consideration and our voices are not heard. I feel North Somerset First Independents has the right calibre of people who have the will and determination to make a difference not only in their individual wards but to North Somerset as a whole to become a better place for the residents, businesses and visitors. Let's give Weston super Mare its motto back 'Ever Forward' and let's make this town move 'Ever Forward'.
Issues I am passionate about:
  • Every child being entitled to the best education no matter what background. 
  • Best training leading into permanent employment.
  • Encouraging new businesses into the town and supporting the ones we already have. 
  • Living in a safe, clean, pleasant environment.
  • Better education towards illegal substances and giving support that's needed which in turn will bring down crime. 
  • Good support for mental health.
  • Housing problems such as homelessness and over crowding. 
  • Making sure enough support for people in debt and low income.
  • Supporting places like the Food Bank. 
  • Children and young people services.
  • Equality and diversity.